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  • Assessment: 500 word reflection

    It’s January. Our Digital Communications Management deadline is fast approaching. I have one assessment yet to complete: A 500 word personal reflection. However, instead of the dread that usually takes over less than a week before deadline day when there’s still work to be done, I actually feel relaxed and glad to be given a chance to reflect.

    My development as a student has become apparent to me in two ways. Firstly, I’ve learned to love working in a group as much as I love working individually! I think this came from working with like-minded people during classroom activities that share my desire to get assessments done to the best of our abilities. Secondly, I’ve worked to perfect the level of organisation necessary to carry myself through this course with the minimum amount of stress. By creating spreadsheets, timetables and setting myself personal tasks to complete, I ensured I could take something away from everything I do.

    My preferred style of learning is visual. If I can find videos, graphs or images to develop my understanding, this is the first method I select. Digital Communications Management has encouraged me to treat my blog as my online portfolio. I am inspired to use this year to find out my skills, and I wish to add more photography and video projects on my blog.

    As for my evolving career ambitions, the main areas I’m eager to build my experience in are: Events PR, Charity PR, Branding and Copywriting. I’ve already started approaching companies in Bristol to hopefully obtain a paid internship later this year. I know now that my strongest career ambition and motivation behind everything I do from now is to get myself in the position where I’m able to travel with my job. Travel is very important to me, so rather than specify a certain job role I want to get to; I’ve learnt to keep open, with this goal at the forefront of my mind. I spoke to Tamara Lewis, the Head of Recruitment at Edelman, about my aspiration to travel with my work. Her advice was to join a large agency where global mobility is high in order to make this a reality.

    Work experiences I’ve completed include a week at Grazia Magazine at the Baeur Offices in London, where I got the chance to have a private meeting with their Head of Communications, Jessica Blake. I was even given the opportunity to write copy for the Grazia Daily website, which is one of my proudest non-academic achievements. Additionally I have a week lined up at Osborne Clarke, the International Law firm in early February. I also completed a 3-month paid internship at Bristol PR agency Purple Fish PR before starting university. I learned more than I imagined, and this helped me know I was choosing the perfect degree.

    I thought initially that doing a degree in Journalism and PR would make my ambitions more specific and defined, but I am thrilled it has had the complete opposite effect! My eyes are open to more opportunities now, and I feel I’m getting a greater understanding of not only what I’d enjoy, but what I’d be good at.


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