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  • TMI – Are we over-sharing on social media?

    TMI – Are we over-sharing on social media?

    Today is the day of our first event as The UWE PR Society.
    ‘Stand out on social media’ is designed to educate attendees on how to utilise social media and make the most of it in terms of employment and getting your dream job.
    The question today for our speed blogging competition is ‘TMI – Too much info on social media?’ …and I think the overruling answer has to be YES!
    I know more about people’s uncle’s-sister’s-brother’s dog than I think could ever be deemed necessary these days through social media!
    However dependent we seem to have become on knowing the depths of our friends lives, through holiday snaps and drunken posts at 3am on a Friday night, arguably it can’t be crucial for our day to day lives.
    The question is, how much is too much?
    Here is a little list of what I believe is TMI on social media…
    – Nudity! Your bottom is your business.
    – Intimate details of your latest break up. If I need to know, I’ll ask you in person. Or not, as the case is more likely to be!
    – A video of friends singing, drunk, then singing for a bit longer… More drunk…then lying in a puddle of their own sick.



    1. David Phillips
      April 14, 2015 / 10:38 am

      Great pace.

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