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  • The Great British Asparagus Feast – busy few weeks at work!

    The Great British Asparagus Feast – busy few weeks at work!

    At the moment, I’m working as a PR intern at Pam Lloyd PR, a food and fresh produce PR and marketing agency based in Montpelier, Bristol. I’m absolutely loving my work there, and the main campaign I’m working on at the moment is for British Asparagus. It’s a crowdfunding project where we’re raising funds to put on a culinary five-course extravaganza at the Yurt Lush, near Temple Meads in Bristol on Thursday 5th May 2016.

    Yesterday we launched the crowdfunding page and video for The Great British Asparagus Feast, which we think is the first time a vegetable has ever crowdfunded a party for itself!

    Here’s a link to the crowdfunding page and video:


    I’m particularly proud of the video (filmed by Lucy Werrett), as I did a lot of the editing for it – a skill I didn’t even realise I remembered from my A levels/first years of Uni! The video features Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton and Wye Valley asparagus grower Chris Chinn explaining the event in more detail and explaining that it’s a celebration for British growers!

    Amazingly, in the first 24 hours we managed to smash 25% of our target of £7,000 to put on the feast. The team are over the moon with the launch and how welcoming the Bristol foodie crowd have been on social media. I’ve loved being a part of the initial planning and video creation and I’m looking forward to moving on through the next steps and making sure this event is a resounding success.


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