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  • Island Hopping in Croatia

    Island Hopping in Croatia

    Croatia is definitely one of my favourite places to go on holiday! The weather’s been gorgeous every time I’ve been and it’s so easy to do on a tight budget. The first time I ever went was about 3 years ago; I was 18 and we went as a big group to Outlook festival. This time, a group of seven of us decided to fit as much as possible into our week-long trip by island hopping around Croatia, instead of staying put in one hotel/apartment. It’s such an easy country to organise this kind of holiday, as you can travel by boat from island to island at very little cost. We sorted all our ferry travel on the day each time and didn’t bother booking ahead, but this actually worked really well and didn’t make it more expensive. I’ve included a couple of links in this post to the places we visited and hostels we stayed in.

    This is how we spent the week:

    • 1 night in Split (where we flew in to from Bristol)
    • 2 nights in Vis
    • 3 nights in Hvar
    • 1 final night in Split before flying home.

    First day in Split…

    When we arrived in Split, we went to sunbathe by the sea once we’d unpacked our stuff at the hostel. The water was completely clear and the weather was perfect for our first day.

    We came back to our apartment to get ready to go out for drinks in Split. Before we went out, we popped to the supermarket which was just around the corner. Groceries are so cheap in Croatia so if you’re looking to plan a holiday on a budget; look for accommodation with a fridge or full kitchen as you’ll be able to eat for next to nothing. For this night we’d booked just the one room with a bed each in so we were all in together. This made it super cheap and also hilarious at the end of the night when we all came home pissed!

    The view from the hostel in Split was lovely. We could see over into the neighbouring balconies and roof terraces from the window of our kitchen. It was good to stay in a place with some character on the very first night.

    The next morning (hungover af) we took a ferry from Split to Vis which only takes a couple of hours if I remember correctly. It was boiling so I was really glad to be sitting below deck rather that sweating to death in the blazing sun upstairs.

    Two nights in Vis…

    1st night: Dinner and drinks in Vis

    We stayed in the nicest apartment right at the top of the hill overlooking the bay that we arrived into. I loved this island but it was definitely the quietest one we visited. The shower also broke (just on the night that I happened to agree to shower last!), so I had to have a cold one which wasn’t ideal. The view made up for it though…

    We then all did our make up and got ready for dinner and drinks together…

    On arrival in Vis we acquired a friendly, helpful taxi driver who knew the lady who owned our apartment who agreed to pick us up whenever we needed during our time on the island. He took us to a restaurant in the middle of nowhere (this isn’t as dodgy as it sounds) that was surrounded by beautiful vineyards and green fields full of donkeys, but sadly it was fully booked so we couldn’t eat there in the end but it would have been so stunning!

    After that plan flopped, our lovely taxi driver took us to an even more gorgeous looking restaurant down by the harbour where we drank copious amounts of white wine and had an amazing dinner together. My meal with drinks only came to about the equivalent of £15, which was such incredible value for money!

    As the evening went on the photos got more and more blurry (as did our vision)…

    Hike to Stiniva Beach in Vis

    The next morning we took the taxi driver’s advice and went to “the most beautiful beach in the world” as he described it! It’s called Stiniva Beach (search for it on Instagram, some of the pictures are amazing!) The hike down the cliff edge was slightly unnerving and I think the height made us all feel a bit peaky to be honest, but it was definitely worth it. We didn’t catch it on the best day weather-wise as it was a little overcast but it was still so nice.

    2nd night in Vis: Night out!

    On the way back from the beach we took another trip to the supermarket to buy drinks and food for dinner (Phoebe made the most deliiiiicious lasagne). We then got ready and enjoyed pre drinks on the balcony before going out…

    …which quickly turned into a girl power evening with some much-needed liberating nudity.

    Then to Hvar…

    I hadn’t heard much about Hvar before visiting here, but I’m so glad we added it to our trip. When we arrived at the hostel, there were facts about the island painted on the wall of the reception. It said that Hvar is a favourite holiday spot of Jay Z and Beyonce, and it’s even rumoured the power couple named their daughter Blue Ivy after some ivy Beyonce found on the island! Blu Ivy has been granted honorary citizenship of Hvar.

    Here are some more facts about the island:

    1. 11,103 people call the tranquil island home. 11, 103 people will call the not-so-tranquil-island home during Ultra Europe.
    2. Apparently, in 1932 Hvar was up for sale! Although I couldn’t find any more information about who sold it, who bought it, or how the story ends.
    3. The island is the self-proclaimed “sunniest spot in Europe”, with 2715 hours of sunlight in an average year.
    4. If you manage to schedule labor so that you give birth on the ferry between Jadrolinija and Hvar, your child will be granted free travel on the ferry for life!

    The sunset on our ferry trip from Vis to Hvar was amazing so we all got totally carried away and took about a thousand photos.

    Beach day in Hvar!

    After stopping for a pizza, we relaxed on this beautiful beach and swam in the sea all day.

    Back to the hostel in Hvar…

    We loved the hostel we stayed in – Youth Hostel Villa Marija. It’s perfect for meeting people if you’re travelling on your own or with friends as there’s an amazing terrace and cocktail bar area ideal for socialising. It’s so cheap and you can opt for a shared dorm or private room if you prefer. There’s even a fast food restaurant downstairs that does smoothies!

    There were group leaders at the hostel who were taking people out on organised bar crawls. As we were already in a group of seven, we didn’t really fancy following another group and having which bars we went to dictated to us! But we did join in with some beer pong and went with the bigger group to begin with. After all, it was nice to meet so many people from all over the world and have a change of social scenery!

    Sailing in Hvar!

    The next day, they told us in our hostel that we could go out on boats for the day if we went down to the harbour. It was quiet down by the water so we didn’t have to wait long at all. It came to about £12.50 each to have two boats for as long as we wanted. So… we set sail! We split the group into 4 on one boat and 3 on the other, and got a bit of a lesson on how to drive them. It took a bit of practice but eventually we were off…

    Stop off at the beach bar!

    We obviously made time for a cocktail stop.

    As the sun went in we decided to go back to save being caught in a potential storm. Although we did manage to crash the two boats into each other at high speed before getting home safely… sadly we didn’t catch the moment on camera.

    Overall, our holiday to Croatia was one of my best yet. It felt so much longer than a week because we moved around so much, but the travelling didn’t take over at all which was what I was worried about beforehand. Hopefully we’ll be able to plan another similar trip in 2017!


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