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  • New internship: Eilidh MacRae Media

    New internship: Eilidh MacRae Media

    On 9th May this year, I started my new digital marketing internship at Eilidh MacRae Media, and two months on I have to say, I absolutely love it!

    I take responsibility for four main areas as an intern:

    1. Managing the blog
    2. Social media
    3. Email marketing
    4. Blogger outreach/link building

    Being given the opportunity to write as part of my job is such a blessing, because I enjoy it so much and it lets me develop my writing skills further. I cover topics including interiors, fashion, beauty, careers and more. I also look into sourcing other bloggers to write guest posts for our site and some of the posts we’ve had so far have been excellent.

    Social media has always been a big part of each of my jobs, whether I’m doing public relations or digital marketing. Twitter is my favourite platform to use for business. It’s a fantastic search tool, so it’s how I find many of the brands and bloggers we approach to work with. It’s also useful for keeping up to date with industry news that our followers will find interesting.

    My aim is to contact 40-60 brands/bloggers per week through email marketing (our services have now extended to bloggers too, so it’s not just brands I’m contacting) to create new business opportunities and let more relevant people know about our services.

    Finally, ‘blogger outreach‘ involves searching the web for exciting blogs covering our main topics of interest. I have seen so many young women in particular creating stunning online platforms to share their photography and copywriting with the world. It’s fantastic to see that these days, anyone can start a blog and build up a following to push them in the right career direction. Having a blog can be a great extension to your CV and many employers will value the time and effort put into this platform.

    To sum up, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have landed such an amazing internship for the summer! To read the posts I’m writing for Eilidh MacRae Media, please go to: http://emmedia.uk/blog/  or follow on Twitter: @Eilidhmmedia

    Thanks for reading.


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