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  • New York City

    New York City

    This December, I went to New York for a week with my Dad and absolutely fell in love with it. Such an amazing city to spend time in during the lead up to Christmas! This isn’t an overly wordy post, just wanted to get some of my photos up so I can eventually have a post for each of the places I go to in the future. Will hopefully be a nice way to look back at the end of each year.

    Here are some of my photos from our time in New York City…

    New York Police officers riding their horses through Central Park.

    On this day it was absolutely freezing; so cold that the water had frozen over on the lakes in the park, but the sky was still totally clear. Dad is a bit of a horse fanatic so he made us stand for a good 10 minutes watching them walk past.


    Midnight feast NYC style

    I wish Bristol would start selling massive pizza slices on every street corner, because this is a life I could definitely get used to.


    Skyscrapers poking through the trees of Central Park.


    One of the highlights of the week was the helicopter ride over the city. It is pretty expensive for 15 minutes which seems to be the standard time to get, but definitely worth every penny. Also remember to budget for photos… taking these two on a memory stick cost an extra $50!

    Riding shotgun pon de air

    I got to sit in the front of the helicopter which wasn’t actually as terrifying as I expected. And it was because I weighed the least so I was on a high all day. (Let’s just ignore the fact that every other passenger was 45+ years old. It still felt good, okay.) It’s a once in a lifetime experience, I’d highly recommend!

    Aim to have a bar like this in my kitchen one day. 

    I’m desperate to go back again in the future, maybe on a girls city break. Would love to hear any suggestions of places to go or things to see. Anything from restaurants that can’t be missed, beauty salons worth noting or hidden spots that aren’t public knowledge, comments welcomed below!

    To see the rest of my NYC photos, go to Instagram.

    Thanks for reading!


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