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  • Best Ski Jackets: 2017

    Best Ski Jackets: 2017

    I’m going skiing for a week this Saturday with my Dad and some family friends, so when I realised how long it was going to take me to choose a new ski jacket online (world’s most indecisive person), I thought I might as well turn it into a blog post while I searched.

    Last time I went skiing was in February last year and I had to borrow a jacket from a friend which was very generous and lovely of her, but I think it’s time I invested in a one of my own! I found loads of blog posts talking about what type of jacket to look for and the qualities a jacket should have, but not many shopping posts with specific examples of jackets from each brand or where is good to look online.

    In this post I’ve included a jacket from a few different brands with decent reputations, so hopefully this can help you in your search.


    Billabong – Noon Peak – €197.90 reduced from €329.95!

    I love this jacket in Deep Teal from Billabong, and it’s massively reduced in price making it a steal. It’s got a half zipper front which will make it easier to put on than ordinary over-the-head jackets. I’d probably buy this if it had a zip all the way down, but knowing how warm it can get on the mountains when the sun is out, I’d need something that I can take off as quickly as possible when I fancy a beverage-break!





    O’Neill – Was £179.99 now only £125.99!

    This is the jacket I went for in the end! I first wanted to buy the coral pink version of this, but my mum convinced me that it was a bad idea because I wear a lot of dark green and red (not together!) which are colours that wouldn’t look great with the pink tones. It arrived this afternoon and I’m so glad I went with grey.






    The North Face  Was £300.00, now £210.00!

    Red is one of my favourite colours when it comes to clothing. This is great for skiing as you can easily stand out on the mountain against the snow, great for rogue skiers who maybe need keeping an eye on! North Face jackets are an investment because they’re such good quality, and with 30% off now is probably the best time to buy.






    Roxy – Was £200.00, now £140.00!

    This one might not be to everyone’s taste, but I love jackets like this because you don’t see that many people in orange or yellow up the mountain. I always notice there tends to be lots of blues, reds and blacks, so it’s nice to opt for something a bit different. With my hair colour, this might not exactly be the best look for me. Love this one though.




    Thanks for reading, any comments below are welcomed with ideas for different places to buy.


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