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  • Skiing in La Tania, France

    Skiing in La Tania, France

    In March I went on a ski trip with my Dad and a load of his friends, where we stayed in a big catered chalet in La Tania. He’s been asking me to go for ages but because of exams and uni commitments I hadn’t been able to up until this year. I’m so glad I finally went, as La Tania is amazing and skiing in the Three Valleys is fantastic. We used to go every year when I was younger, so it was nice to go together again after so long.

    Here’s the view over the alps on our first day skiing. Luckily as many of the group were treating it as a boozy holiday, we didn’t make it out until about 10.30am, which was perfect for me! When I was younger we’d be out on the mountain first thing in the morning, but when I’m away I like to be able to sleep in a little bit. It is a holiday after all…

    Our chalet was lovely, and our hosts were really nice too. They cooked breakfast for us every morning (which sadly I only made it up for twice), baked a different cake every afternoon and then cooked a three-course dinner for us each evening. It’s so relaxing to not have to think about food at all, apart from maybe a quick toastie up the mountain mid-afternoon.

    Here’s one of the bars we stopped at on the mountain…

    It was clear blue skies most of the days.

    On one of the afternoons we stopped for a burger in Courcheval. It’s more expensive than La Tania but such a nice area for shopping and some of the chalets looked gorgeous with Jacuzzis on the balconies!

    We went to La Folie Douce (below) which was amazing. Have a look at the bar on Instagram to see some of the videos of how crazy it gets. It’s a restaurant and bar that hosts live DJ sets and performances with singers/dancers every afternoon. There were people dressed as unicorns on stage, a DJ playing on the roof and the place was packed out with skiers and snowboarders dancing on the tables. The VIP section was just behind the bar, and every time someone ordered a bottle of champagne it was put in a glass case attached to wires overhead, where it would be transported over the crowd of people with fireworks coming out of it!

    On the last night we went out to a club in Meribel which was actually really good. There was about 8 of us going out, so we split a taxi over from La Tania to Meribel which cost about €7 each.

    We came back at the end of the evening expecting everyone to be asleep, but all my Dad’s friends were still up at 5am. They were dancing on the tables in our chalet and listening to music so loud, it was hilarious but I had to go to bed before them in the end because I couldn’t take it any longer.

    I had such an amazing time, I’d love to go back to La Tania to ski again as the Three Valleys has so many lifts and slopes so you’d never get bored. Luckily this trip is a yearly thing, so 2018 I might hopefully be back with the same group!


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