Botanical Blush

Botanical Blush

My colleague was working on an interiors pitch to press earlier this month featuring green and pink interiors, (which seem to be absolutely everywhere at the moment) and it made me think of the term ‘botanical blush‘. I love this as a name for this colour trend, as it seems to sum up the two key elements that make this look work; nature-inspired pieces and delicate shades of soft pink.

Other key features include…

  • A multitude of indoor plants
  • Science-style wall prints featuring things like butterflies, mushrooms, scientific diagrams/illustrations of biology etc.
  • Luxurious textures of crushed velvet
  • Gorgeously delicate shades of pink
  • Clashing prints in the same room
  • Flashes of metallic shades

Botanical blush seems to be going nowhere in the world of interiors and I see it crop up on other blogs all the time at the moment. I used to be obsessed with navy blue and gold as a colour pair, but I think ‘botanical blush’ may have just taken the top spot. Here are some images I found on Pinterest that I think represent the trend really well. All credits included as links at the bottom of the post.




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