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  • Ski Season: First Weekend in Les Gets

    Ski Season: First Weekend in Les Gets

    Most of those who read this and know me will already know we’re doing a ski season, and are probably really glad to see the back of us as I’ve been droning on and on about this for months. Literally non stop chat about skiing/mountains/cooking and all the rest that goes with it. For those who don’t know me; this winter, Jake (my boyfriend) and I are doing a ski season in France and we just arrived here this weekend. FINALLY.

    We’re going to be working as Chalet Hosts/Chefs in our own catered chalet for 14-18 people called the Brown Bear Lodge based in Montriond, just outside of Morzine. We’re working for a company called Reach 4 the Alps, who own loads of catered and self-catered chalets across Morzine and Les Gets. There’s still quite a lot of availability this winter, so if you’re looking to book a ski trip in the next few months definitely have a look at the website as there’s loads of deals with discounted ski passes and other benefits like included transfers from the airport. (Apologies, the promotion bit is the PR slag in me.)

    We arrived early this Saturday (our flight was at 6am, so we had to leave my house at 3am which was pretty discombobulating), a few days earlier than the rest of the team to give us a weekend to relax and settle in before our training week starts on Tuesday. The snow is absolutely incredible already! Apparently this time last year there was virtually no snow until end of January, so it’s amazing that we’ll be able to ski this early on in the season.

    This week, we’re staying in Chalet Alouette in Les Gets with some of the other team members, so we can all be together to complete our training week. This’ll involve practicing the full menu and serving it to the team, getting to know everyone and finding out where all the different chalets are. And of course drinking a lot of wine by the sounds of it! We helped move in 60 crates today so I have a feeling some might go spare… It’s also so nice to arrive and stay in one of the lush rooms that are actually rented out to guests! Perhaps shouldn’t get too used to the luxury living, but it’s bloody lovely for the time being. After the training week, we’ll move in to our own private studio apartment in Montriond right next to Brown Bear Lodge (where we’ll be working) and I literally can’t wait to turn it into the cosiest little nook in French history.

    Of course my suitcase is already overflowing onto the floor in the room we’re staying in this week, and making the place look like a right shit tip… but it was beautiful when we arrived, promise!!

    Here’s the view from the window of how thick the snow is outside the chalet…

    This weekend has been so chilled, we’ve just had loads of time to ourselves to explore Les Gets and have some much needed downtime before the hectic week of training. Last night we went to watch the ice hockey at the Skoda Arena with four of the other seasonnaires on the team. It was actually so good! Morzine’s first team were playing, the “Morzine Avoriaz Penguins“; one of the best teams in the league. They were insane to be fair – they won 15-0.

    We walked around the village today and took some photos, as it was so sunny and we know days off are going to become a rare/valuable thing. Here are some of the photos from today:

    Today we also realised that everything was closed (as it’s Sunday), including the supermarket. So we had to go out for lunch for the second day in a row, such a shame…

    Jake’s also discovered a newfound love for photography, so expect to see a lot of photos of my arse walking off into the distance.

    Hopefully the posts to follow this one will be updates on our new studio apartment we’ll be living in, the new chalet menu we’ll be (hopefully) perfecting and general juicy mountain goss but we’ll see how much time I actually end up having to spare.

    I doubt it’ll happen, but I’m going to try my best to document our whole experience on here as it’ll be nice having somewhere to look back at it afterwards. Although obviously once I’m up to my armpits in chalet guests, cooking oil and copious bottles of wine I’ll probably barely have enough time to wash my hair, let alone write this blog. But at least the intention is there!

    Polly x


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