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  • Ski Season: Chalet Training Week

    Ski Season: Chalet Training Week

    Posting this a few weeks late because everything has been so busy since we moved in to our staff flat in Montriond… Here are photos of some of the dishes we learnt to cook during our training week. We were taught by two chefs from a company called Spoony Cooks, who both worked a season for Reach 4 the Alps (the company we’re working for) previously. These are all dishes that make up our menu we’ll be cooking for guests, and each day has a different type of cuisine to prepare. Absolutely loved training week as we all got to live together across two of the chalets and it was so good to actually get a chance to know everyone really well before we went off to work in our own chalets, which are spread all across Morzine, Montriond and Les Gets. Here are some of the dishes…

    Beef Massaman Curry –

    I’m not even normally a massive fan of curry but this dish is absolutely incredible. It has peanuts in and uses jasmine rice as well, there’s a lovely vegetarian option that uses sweet potato instead which I’m yet to try.

    Coconut Pannacotta –

    Not a huge fan of this dessert to be totally honest! It’s now been taken off the menu because there wasn’t something quite right with it, and we struggled to make it set. It’s been replaced with a melty chocolate fondant that by chance I’m actually good at making so I’m v happy.

    Raspberry and Yogurt Cake with White Chocolate –

    Favourite cake to make! Anything with white chocolate is my favourite thing. This one is quite easy too, which is always a bonus out here because we’re having to prepare and cook a four course meal every evening, along with cooked breakfast and afternoon tea.

    Rhubarb Creme Brûlée –

    I’m not a big fan of rhubarb but it’s been good to learn to make a creme brûlée, because I always assumed it would be really hard but it’s actually one of the easier desserts.

    Honey & Whiskey Parfait –

    This one went down really well with our guests in training week, and it’s on the Monday which holds a Scottish themed menu. Complete with hagggis and all!

    Broad Bean, Pea and Mint Risotto with Goats Cheese –

    I didn’t even like risotto before, like absolutely hated the stuff and this dish has completely changed my mind. It’s so good! If I get a bit more time out here I’ll write some of the recipes on here. The parmesan shavings make it!


    Fresh & Fragrant Thai Salad –

    My new absolute favourite salad. It’s so bright and looks lush on the black plates we serve on. It’s garnished with coriander which I’d never think to do, but it works.

    Aromatic Apple & Pork Wellington –

    Finally, here’s Jake’s amazing creation. I’d only ever heard of a beef wellington before this menu, but the pork is so nice and we’ve had lots of good comments about this one. It’s served with an apple cider gravy, fondant potatoes and tenderstem broccoli.

    Aiming to publish a few of the recipes on here if I get the chance, but it’s looking unlikely for a while as Christmas time in the Alps is manic!


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