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  • huggg: The app fuelled with kindness

    huggg: The app fuelled with kindness

    What is huggg?

    huggg is a fantastic new app, founded in Bristol, designed for people to message food and drink to friends for them to collect whenever they like.

    This is one of those apps that will have people wishing they thought of it themselves. It’s such a simple idea with a sleek app interface, so you can show your friends you appreciate them with one simple kind gesture. Perhaps a work colleague bought you a coffee last week andyou want to return the favour, or a friend has an important job interview and you want to send a green tea to calm their nerves, or you know your boyfriend forgot his lunch this morning so you want to send him lunch on you, this app has endless opportunities for kindness – all you need is their mobile number and a reason, so what are you waiting for?

    So how does it work?

    All you have to do is choose something to give from one of the cafes/restaurants in either Bristol or Bath, choose who you’d like to send it to, and write a little message. It then arrives on their phone as a text message from you! It’s really that simple. They don’t even have to have the app to use their huggg, they’re just sent a link to download it if they wish to send their own hugggs. If they have the app, then it just appears as a little red notification icon on their app.

    Their story

    I love the story behind the app.

    Back in 2014, Paul (CEO and co-founder of huggg) was working as a banker, worlds apart from his later huggg-venture!

    He was researching the greeting card market for a project at work, and started thinking about how paper is being made more and more redundant as time goes on, due to the advance in technology and everyone’s growing reliance on their smartphones. He wondered whether we could surpass this tradition of sending paper cards (and rightly so, awful for the environment and often only end up in the bin!) and move on to an easier method of showing we care. He thought that perhaps this process could be made easier with a simple smartphone message, or even better – we could substitute the digital likes and messages for something more real. Like coffees, teas, snacks and other foodie treats all over the city!

    Paul moved quickly with his idea, and with the help of two founding investors (Stephen and Matthew) and a quick hop on board from Paul’s sister-in-law Alice, plans got underway to create the app and make his idea a reality. It took a lot of work to get things to where they are today, but things progressed quickly and a couple of years later, Paul quit his job in finance to work on the app full-time with Alice in their unique offices in the heart of beautiful Bristol – which they described as “the perfect city to launch our app in.” Aww.

    “We headed to trade shows, brushed shoulders with impressed Google executives and shared our idea with retailers who were quick to jump on board, which was a very good sign indeed. With positivity and kind words being spoken about us, we worked with design teams, developers and talked the ears off anyone who would listen to bring a new and improved way of communicating to the digital age.”

    And now?

    “Three years later and finally ready to take the lid off huggg. An app which leaves time consuming and out-dated e-cards in 2016 to make space for a new way to check in with your nearest and dearest. This year, you will be able to accompany your ‘I love you’ with a latte, that ‘chin up’ with a pint or even follow up on a successful date with a slice of cake to let them know you’re still thinking about them.”

    Brand Partners across Bath/Bristol:

    The question on everybody’s minds – where can I actually redeem and purchase these hugggs at? 

    There are currently 7 brand partners across Bath and Bristol, although this is sure to grow this year. They are:

    1. Friska
    2. Browns
    3. All Bar One
    4. Be At One
    5. Turtle Bay
    6. Society Cafe
    7. Tortilla

    My experience of huggg

    huggg followed me on Twitter this morning, and I was intrigued by the name so I went and checked them out.

    I saw that they were based in Bristol and after reading up a bit more about the concept, I wrote them a DM on Twitter saying how much I loved the brand and if I could write a blog post about them. They got back to me straight away, and gave me a free huggg and the chance to send one to a friend too!

    The other thing I loved is that they have a specific press space on their website, ready to go with high res images to download, with more information and a press kit. As a PR person, this is so nice to see and I wish more brands did this! As it makes it so easy for those wanting to cover them, whether it’s a journalist or a blogger, as everything is right there ready to go, rather than having to do lots of time-wasting email correspondence to get the content you need.

    The app is currently available in the Bristol/Bath areas, and I can see it growing in popularity much like Wriggle, the popular food & drink deals app in Bristol.

    It’s such a great app, and Bristol is an amazing place to host something like this, as there are so many incredible places to eat and drink. I predict this app will become the next big thing in Bristol food apps, 100%!

    Follow them on Social:

    Or search for the app in the app store to get started!

    Here’s a link that will open the app in the relevant store, whether that’s Android or iOS: https://api.huggg.me/download 



    1. April 12, 2018 / 11:40 am

      What a great idea! These services are becoming more and more prevalent these days. It helps make things so much more convenient.

      • Polly
        April 12, 2018 / 4:30 pm

        So true! x

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