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  • No Planet B Festival: UK’s largest Zero Waste Festival

    No Planet B Festival: UK’s largest Zero Waste Festival

    Aiming to educate and celebrate a more conscious way of living, No Planet B Festival will host it’s first annual event on 17th-19th August 2018, at Elmore Estate near the Cotswolds.

    No Planet B Festival will be releasing their tickets very soon, offering exclusive rewards for both VIP and standard tickets, that will not be available outside of the early bird release. To name just a few…a Zero-Waste festival kit packed with the essentials to help you live more sustainably and Eco Essentials packages bursting with the best in luxury vegan toiletry and beauty must-haves. Their ticket waitlist is growing by the minute and so be sure to sign up to their waitlist to be notified of the live date before anyone else!

    Hot off the international concern of Zero Waste, No Planet B Festival is the first of its kind to bring Veganism, Minimalism and Zero Waste to the forefront of the UK festival scene and I’m so excited to be collaborating with them to announce their launch. -No Planet B will incorporate elements of yoga and wellness, business strategy mind-set workshops and talks on all their core themes. At the end of this post I’m also hosting a competition with the festival to win a zero-waste kit, so scroll down to enter.

    With UK festivals generally producing more than 23,500 tonnes of waste per event, No Planet B offers the quintessential summer experience with a big difference. Other festivals I’ve been to in the past are moving in this direction, but not entirely. For example, Shambala Festival has only served vegan food the last few years which I love!

    The brainchild of super-team Maudie Johnson, Christopher Bush and Hannah Lobb, the Cotswolds-based event will boost environmental awareness via a varied and colourful programme of food, entertainment and talks. Attendees are encouraged to bring along a piece of unwanted non-recyclable plastic, which will be used to create a stunning art piece to be unveiled on the final day.

    Guests can expect vegan street food, cookery classes, inspirational speakers including James Aspey and Manuela Baron as well as live music from acts such as One Man Plan and Ruth Blake.

    Co-Founder and Creative director, Maudie Johnson, says “Zero waste, Minimalism and Veganism are ALL snowballing right now because as individuals, we are focusing on what we can do to assist a deteriorating environment – No Planet B Festival pulls focus on what actions we can take for serious change.”

    In an interview with Country and Townhouse, Founder Maudie Johnson explained why she wanted to bring the festival to life

    What was the lightbulb moment, or driving force behind, No Planet B?

    “I was fed up of digital realities and wanted a place for all the people who inspire my everyday on social platforms to meet in person and take action! A global change is needed, with warnings stating that there will be more waste plastic in the sea than fish (by weight) by 2050, unless industries cleans up its act. Trying to live a vegan, zero waste and minimalist lifestyle can often feel isolating and comes with challenges, but it was made easier by connecting with others online who share the same values and even more effective in person!

    I envisioned a place where like-minded eco-warriors could all relax and enjoy sharing their expertise and life experiences in a beautiful stress free environment, with the aim of fostering a necessary culture of climate action. We could have launched a day event in London, but it just wouldn’t have offered the same experience I was after. We needed to be in the open countryside breathing in fresh air, taking time to digest and integrate learning into everyday activities like yoga, eating, relaxing and having fun with friends.”

    Is it really possible to have a zero-waste festival?

    “Absolutely. We are setting a precedent for how festivals could and should run!  Just to be clear the term zero waste means nothing going into landfill. Landfills create water and air pollution, and are a breeding ground for deadly insects and pests. We need to take action on a global scale and also in our everyday lives to reduce climate change!

    All our own marketing with be digital along with tickets. Research now suggests all plastic packaging is only used once! We need to get back to basics and cut out this unnecessary waste. And that’s why we putting the responsibility on all attendees to bring their own stainless steel water bottles, food containers, cutlery, coffee cups, and a metal straw. If they don’t have their own, they can either purchase a No Planet B Festival Zero Waste starter kit as a ticket add on or purchase on site.

    The vendors will be weighing the food instead of using disposable containers to measure portions and the guests will wash up their kits after use. We feel very strongly about this and we have to ensure we implement these requirements to save our planet and the diminishing marine life.

    Further actions that we will be implementing are employing NPB teams to help attendees pack up their tents, so none are left on site and sent to the landfill. Transportation is also a primary source of Greenhouse gas emissions and we are encouraging all attendees to book into our group travel scheme to help keep emissions as low as possible.”

    What will be the key highlights to look out for over the weekend?

    “‘Salt Lamp Sessions’ curated by the talented Ben Hill who recently got four yes’s and a standing ovation from the crowd on Britain’s Got talent for his eye opening and soulful songs. James Aspey and his gorgeous girlfriend Carly Taylor, ‘the Posh and Becks’ of the vegan world. An exclusive live panel with members of the farming community in talks with vegan activists to discuss possible solutions as the world moves towards a more vegan existence.”

    What’s in it for families? 

    “We wouldn’t class ourselves as a family festival, but we recognise the importance of educating all generations and ensure our children grow up equipped with the know-how to live sustainable lives. Therefore, we will be dedicated family area for those eco-conscious families to interact with hosting ambassadors to create wonderful arts and craft pieces focused around our festival’s core themes.”


    Competition: Win a Zero-waste Festival Kit!

    The team behind No Planet B Festival have also been kind enough to give me an incentive to offer my readers! All you have to do is sign up to join their mailing list, and you’ll be in to win one of their zero-waste festival kits. You just need to write “Polly” under “How did you find us” and you’ll be entered in the draw. Winner announced May 27th. Here’s the link.

    The kit will include:

    • Stainless steel bottle
    • T-shirt
    • Food container
    • Stainless steel cutlery
    • Toiletry set: bamboo toothbrush & paste
    • James Read skincare & essential oils
    Good luck! I’ll also be writing a review on these kits when I receive mine in a few weeks time. Thanks for reading, I’d love to know if anyone’s planning on attending the festival. Feel free to leave a comment below.
    Find on Instagram: @noplanetbfestival






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    1. May 4, 2018 / 4:31 pm

      What a cool concept! I have never heard of anything like this before. Thank you for sharing and giving such a detailed description of this festival!

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