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  • Lake Garda, Italy

    Lake Garda, Italy

    I’ve been desperate to visit Lake Garda for so long and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We came to stay for 5 nights, from 26th April-1st May. Firstly, I couldn’t believe how big the lake actually is. You can’t see from one side to the other over the horizon, which may sound daft but I just didn’t expect it to be so huge.

    We flew from Bristol to Venice on 26th April (for only £15 with Ryanair!) and then got the train and then a bus to our hotel near Limone, Lake Garda. Secondly, in my head I’d imagined it to be pretty expensive around here, (considering it’s where George Clooney apparently holidays!!) but it was sooooooo cheap considering how lovely it is. Wine and beer was between €3-4.50 a pint, and you could easily get a pizza or pasta dish for €6-9. I thought we’d spend a lot more in this part of our trip, but luckily as the meals were so inexpensive we didn’t have to splash that much.

    Our hotel was called Hotel Capo Reamol. It’s a lovely 4 star hotel right on the lakeside, with loads of options for watersports right downstairs including windsurfing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding. The hotel was so clean, and such good value for money. There’s a really nice restaurant downstairs which has a slightly different menu for dinner each night, and the buffet breakfast was so good. When we were looking for hotels last minute on booking.com, the breakfast reviews really sold us on this one, as it comes included in the price of the hotel and it genuinely is really good.

    We deliberately planned to spend this part of our trip relaxing, and it’s a good job because it was very quiet around near where we stayed. The little town of Limone is a 30-minute walk from the hotel, and it’s really lovely. There are lots of restaurants and a few cocktail bars to go to in the day, but not much nightlife.

    Here are some photos of this part of our trip around Europe: 


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