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  • New artwork: March

    New artwork: March

    One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to commit more of my time to painting and creating art, like I always loved to do when I was younger. I think it’s so easy to accidentally drop the hobbies you love as you become an adult, when life starts getting in the way and it becomes more difficult to remember to prioritise the things you enjoy doing, just because.

    When I made this resolution, I have to admit – I didn’t realise how 2020 was set to pan out; a strange, dark period where we’re advised to stay indoors, socially distance ourselves and keep ourselves busy while we wait for some normality to resume.

    With all the extra time we’ve been spending at home recently, it’s really helped me to have something to put my focus into, to still feel like I’m being productive even if it’s only measurable by looking at the pages filled in my sketchbook. I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone who’s feeling a bit lost about what to do with themselves, or a little distracted and worried about what’s going on in the world. It’s bizarrely therapeutic.

    I’ve decided to put together this New Artwork Series as a little roundup of all the pieces I create each month. I just think it’ll be fun to have somewhere to use as an online portfolio, and I’m hoping to teach myself some new techniques on Youtube and actually get better, so it’ll be cool to see if my work improves over the course of the year.

    I’m also planning on selling some A4 prints of my artwork, so if anyone is interested please just drop me an email (polly.snell@hotmail.com) or message me on Instagram!

    March artwork:


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