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  • April: Top 5 Artists on Instagram

    April: Top 5 Artists on Instagram

    With over 1 billion active monthly users, and 500 million of these people using the platform every single day, it’s no wonder Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to market yourself as an artist.

    I recently made an account for my own artwork, as a fun project to work on while self isolating. With a modest 136 followers so far (baby steps lol), it’s clear that building a loyal, engaged following takes a huge amount of commitment and work, so I have huge respect for those who have achieved this.

    This week, I wanted to do a post to share the work of some of my favourite artists on Instagram. It was so hard to pick just five, so I might make this a monthly series where I feature five top artists per month. If you have any suggestions of artists to be featured in the monthly series, please feel free to leave a link to their Instagram accounts in the comments below!

    1. Cristina Martinez / @sew_trill

    I not only love Cristina’s artwork, but I also love the way she tells her story in her captions. She’s very open and honest in her writing, and recently made these amazing t-shirts and donated the profits to 50 small business owners to support creatives currently affected by COVID-19. I love seeing examples of creatives using their influence on social to do good and help others.

    “I create for freedom. I create for peace. I create for change. I create for self-love.”

    2. Delaney Cheal / @delaneycheal

    Delaney is one of my main inspirations for the nude art series that I’m currently working on and making A4 prints of, see here.

    Her work is so beautiful I could literally stare at it all day! She did a live painting workshop on Instagram live recently, teaching everyone to do a watercolour painting of a blue whale. Would highly recommend watching and following along.

    3. Karina / @karina_jambrak

    Karina does hand drawn art inspired by Australian nature, using a warm soft colour palette and copic markers to create her dreamy pieces. These are what I’d imagine I’d hang in my kid’s bedroom …if I had one!

    4. Mafalda / @mmvce

    Mafalda paints beautiful African-inspired artwork which remind me of these tall African statues my Grandma used to collect, so her work has a special place in my heart because I know my Grandma would have loved it! She has such a definite style and I love the colours she uses.

    5. Ben Wallace / @vvallaceillustration

    Last but a million % not least, my friend Ben is as talented as they come!! All his work is incred, but here are some of my favourites:

    Hope you enjoyed! Will aim to post one of these every month, feel free to leave a comment or subscribe by email to be notified next time one of my art blog posts goes live.


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