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  • I’ve started selling art prints

    I’ve started selling art prints

    Pleased to announce that my first batch of art prints are finally ready!!

    I went to Print Express (a printing shop on Chapel Street) last week and finally got my first set of artwork designs turned into A4 prints. For the first batch I decided to print my nude series, as I’ve had quite a few messages of people interested in buying them which is still totally mad to me.

    (The lovely man in the shop did very well not to smirk at the naked ladies I lay before him.)

    Initially I actually bought a second hand printer on Facebook Marketplace as I had this naive vision of setting up my own little printing factory in the flat, completely failing to remember the fact that I hate printing, I’m shit at it, and have a complete lack of understanding of anything to do with technology, so replacing this plan with the printing shop was a welcome alternative. He even let me use my own paper that I’d bought for my own printer as well to reduce the cost and avoid wasting it.

    Please drop me an email or DM me to order an A4 print!

    I have these two designs available for now, but will be adding more soon and featuring a couple of different series. Feel free to subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of this page to stay updated on my latest pieces for sale and receive email notifications when I publish a post.

    Pricing & Info:

    Australia = A4 prints $30 each + $5 postage

    UK = A4 prints £15 each + £3 postage

    (Worldwide shipping available from Aus – postage to other countries = POA.)

    I’ll be accepting all payments through Paypal. Email/message me to order and receive a payment link.

    Pieces are printed on 260gsm A4 matte photo paper.

    Email: polly.snell@hotmail.com

    Instagram: @pollysnell_art


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