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  • Skincare Review: esmi Skin Minerals

    Skincare Review: esmi Skin Minerals

    I haven’t done a blog post about skincare in SO long, and I’m SO excited to share this review of two new products I’ve been trying from esmi Skin Minerals.

    Never has there been a more appropriate time for me to write a skincare review, because to be totally honest; recently my skin has been somewhat… lacklustre? To put it politely.

    It’s been dry, dull and dreary and I’m over the moon to have found a solution. I think it’s sort of a mild combination of not drinking enough water and not getting enough fresh air (isolation life), but I set myself a little mission to sort it out and get my skin looking healthy and bright and more like a normal 25-year-old’s face. 

    esmi Skin Minerals is an Australian brand, and creates products to suit all skin types and to target all skin concerns. Plus, all products are vegan and cruelty free!

    For this collaboration, esmi Skin Minerals sent me two wonderful products to try, and I am honestly noticing a huge difference in my skin already after using both the oil and the serum. Below I’ve included a more detailed review of each product:

    Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum

    Hyaluronic serum has to be the most satisfying solution for dry skin – ever. I love how calming and soothing it is to apply, and have happily introduced this step into my morning routine. It’s like an instant booster, when you’re feeling sleepy or in need of a refresh, it just gives you that feeling of pure freshness and leaves your skin feeling so soft – Jack now describes my cheeks as “soft little clouds”, and I will take that compliment and run with it.   

    24k Gold Nourishing Oil

    The first thing I have to note about this product is IT SMELLS AMAZING. I know the clue is in the name, but this oil feels like it is quite literally nourishing your skin and leaves your face looking so glowy and feeling so looked after. It smells so luxurious; almost like a really posh hotel room. This is the sort of product I’d give to my mum on Mother’s Day – it’s absolutely heavenly and I secretly hope it never runs out.

    If you have any questions about the above two products, or any skincare recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me on polly.snell@hotmail.com

    Thanks for reading!

    P x


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