• Photography
    A few weeks ago, Jack and I walked along the coast from Elwood Beach to …
  • Lifestyle
    I recently discovered that reed.co.uk has a whole section dedicated to online courses, …
  • Photography
    Strawberry Fields feels like a lifetime ago now, but back in November we went to …
  • Art
    Pleased to announce that my first batch of art prints are finally ready!! I went …
  • Art
    With over 1 billion active monthly users, and 500 million of these people using the platform every …
  • Art
    I wasn’t feeling very well this weekend and I wanted to do something that …
  • About

    Hey! Thanks for taking the time to check out my website.

    My name’s Polly, I’m a 24 year old PR Account Manager from Bristol, currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

    This site originally started as a place to display my assessment work for uni while doing my degree in Journalism and PR but since graduating in 2016 and beginning my full time PR career, I’ve aimed to put it to better use by posting more of my travel, careers, interiors & general lifestyle writing.

    Travel – Pretty self explanatory! Here are the posts for all the places I’ve been, lived and worked.

    Interiors – I specialise in PR for interiors and lifestyle brands and I literally never get bored of it. At work I liaise with a lot of other interiors influencers because I arrange gifting collaborations for various interiors clients.

    Lifestyle – This category is for everything else lifestyle related! It might be restaurant or product reviews, articles I’ve written or general points of interest.

    PR Portfolio – This is just an easy place to store some of the stuff I’ve done for work. I also write some of my careers posts under this tab, so have a look here if you’re wanting to find out more about what I do.

    Photography – I’m really interested in 35mm film photography, so here I’ll be posting some of my favourite photos from rolls I get developed.

    Art – I love to paint, draw and illustrate, so this page is full of all my art projects and photos.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Polly x

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